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Kelly Day, Head Instructor, USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist

What to expect at a clinic with Kelly:

  • Building  a better connection, mentally and physically, with your horse.

  • Learning about using your body to communicate more clearly with your horse.

  • Walk away with tools to practice in order to further develop your skills.

Are you in control of your every movement? Your every thought? Making that connection with yourself is hard enough, bring in another player on four hooves and the stakes are doubled. Finding ways to make those connections brings new meaning to your communication with your horse. Control can be found without force, but with harmony.


This is the foundation of our physiology at Kensington Sport Horses. Head trainer,  Kelly Day, will help you communicate with your horse more clearly and effectively than ever before. Book a clinic or training spot today for your Jumping clinic, eventing clinic, or dressage clinic  – or a combination of any of those three! 

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